Student Loans for Lapeer Graduates

We have had a very positive response to our outreach to Lapeer graduates and their parents in the past few years and have now grown to the point that we must limit the number of loans we are able to issue.  As students pay back their loans, we will be able to issue more loans in the future.

Current borrowers, that is, students in college, who have received loans in the past have already applied for renewals for the 2017-18 school year, meeting the deadline for applications of February 15.

We have reserved funds for the Class of 2017, but we are limited.  An announcement will be made at Honors Convocation and the deadline for 2017 grads is Friday June 9, 2017. Applications will be reviewed the week of June 12, and students will be notified shortly thereafter if they will be issued a loan.  Filing the application on time is critical and the quality of the applications will be reviewed carefully by the committee.

The loan application can be found at this website and in the HS Counseling Office or the LCS Administration Building.  It may be submitted through email or hand delivered to 250 Second Street, Lapeer.  Deadline for 2017 graduates: Friday June 9, 2017.  The deadline has passed for graduates of 2016 and prior.

These loans are provided by the Community of Lapeer through donations and the recurring repayment of previous loans.  These loans have been available to Lapeer grads for over forty years to assist graduates of Lapeer Schools to pay college bills.  Currently, $2,000 may be borrowed annually with a max of $8,000 for associate and bachelor’s programs.  Interest is not applied until after the student separates from college.

We encourage you to review your financial aid packages including the interest rate that will be charged on any loans applied to your statement.  Will the lender apply interest immediately?

The funds in the Lapeer Community Scholarship and Student Loan Fund have been donated by our community specifically for the purpose of providing scholarships and low interest college loans to assist graduates of Lapeer Community Schools with their education.

Contact us for more information

Susan Wilmers, Executive Secretary



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2 responses to “Student Loans for Lapeer Graduates

  1. Nannette Noel

    Hello, My son, Kyle Noel, applied for the loan again this year. When will we find out if he is going to receive it? Also, if accepted, when are the funds given out. Thank you, Nannette Noel

    • Yes, we are still accepting applications for the 13-14 school year. Funds will be distributed in August. A meeting for students and their co-signers will be scheduled and checks will be awarded with completed notes including all three signatures. Thanks for contacting us, more info will be posted soon.

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