Let’s give Lapeer Grads a boost starting college and trade schools. Lapeer Scholarship & Student Loan Fund awards almost $10,000 in scholarships to Lapeer grads each year.  Additionally, 25 loans, of $2,000 each,  are available for distribution each year.  With your help, we can serve more students as they make up the difference in their college costs.  We can give students that extra boost to start their college or trade school programs.

Financial support of the Scholarship & Student Loan Fund includes gifts made as memorials to honor family and friends, as well as panned giving through trusts and estates.  The Rod Parsch Memorial and the Joann Nelson Memorial are two particular scholarships given each year.  A special scholarship could be set up for you as well.  Donations to the Lapeer Community Scholarships support strong academic record, active school and community service and leadership, and students who have been active in Lapeer Community Schools for at least seven years.

Although, the loan fund is, primarily, able to support itself  through students paying back their loans as they graduate, additional funds would allow for more loans to be distributed.

We appreciate your interest in this longstanding fund and hope that you will consider making a donation.

We welcome your interest and please feel free to contact us by email:, any of our board members, as well as Executive Secretary Susan Wilmers or Loan Secretary Jerri DePuy.


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