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Help Lapeer Grads Pay for College

Would you like to help college bound students from Lapeer cover some of their tuition costs?  With the rising costs of college, it has become increasingly more difficult for young people to “pay their way” through college.  Often students find themselves with a financial aid package from the college requiring them and their parents to borrow money at a high interest rate to pay for the year.

Many students are taking advantage of the dual enrollment opportunities offered by Lapeer Community Schools at the Center for Innovation.  These college credits give these students a boost and jump ahead of their peers, sometimes with enough credits to start college at the sophomore level.

And as students work part-time to build funds for their college, use the savings their parents have made for them, and make full use of scholarships through the college and our local community so generously provides, they still are short.

The Lapeer Community Scholarship and Student Loan Fund Board, comprised of five community members and four school employees, manages this fund to offer 5% student loans to Lapeer grads, whereby the interest does not accrue until six months after the student separates from college…usually through graduation.

If you have funds to donate to this very worthy cause, I encourage you to donate to our Fund at LCSSLF 250 Second Street, Lapeer MI.  And please feel free to contact me directly to determine the option that might be right for you to help our students cover college costs.


Susan Wilmers, Executive Secretary


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LCSSLF provides scholarships and loans to local graduates

Lapeer Community Scholarship and Student Loan Fund Board is a non-profit corporation that raises funds to assist Lapeer high school graduates with college costs.  The LCSSLF Board of Directors include community and business leaders, school staff and Lapeeer Community Schools alumni.  The Board carefully plans, invests and administers all scholarship and loan funds to maximize earning from endowments and to allocate funds each year to scholarships and loans.

With continued support from our community and as the funds grow, so too does the opportunity to provide more loans and scholarships to our graduates as they begin their college education.

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